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Jose Mourinho expected to fight FA misconduct charge

Scott Heavey/Getty Images

Jose Mourinho has been given until 6pm (GMT) Tuesday night to respond to the misconduct charges that were brought against him after his comments about a perceived "campaign" against Chelsea, and, at least according to The Daily Mail, he's expected to fight them.  Not that we should ever expect Jose to just willingly submit to silly rules of silliness.

The Chelsea manager can make representations to the FA disciplinary commission by way of mitigation, but it appears he is most likely to highlight his concerns by requesting a personal hearing.  It is understood Mourinho will put together video evidence to support his claim that match officials are failing to award his team key decisions in matches.

Apparently this time around Jose's putting in a bit of extra effort, gathering up a whole bunch of video "evidence" to submit to the FA in support of his defense.  No wonder he's been unimaginative in his recent squad selections!  He's been spending all his time trawling videos frame-by-frame, making Powerpoint presentations complete with dissolving page transitions, stock sound effects, and silly cartoony clip art.  (Probably fruitlessly, I might add, as I don't imagine the FA's ever "independent" -- you know it's so independent since they get to choose it! -- review panel will find Mourinho any less "guilty" than the FA's braintrust.)

And since Mourinho vowed not to speak to the media until these charges have been cleared up, I guess we'll get a bit more (not nearly as interesting) Steve Holland in our lives.

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