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Tottenham 5 - Chelsea 3: Initial reaction and community rating form

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Chelsea went to White Hart Lane on Thursday, took an early lead after absorbing some pressure, and then collapsed in Arsenal-esque fashion. Pretty much everything about that game was awful, so I'm not going to waste a lot of time thinking about who stunk or what could have been. Well played to Tottenham though, who did a fantastic job of taking their chances, and made Chelsea's defense look like a U18 side.


  • It certainly wasn't a great first half from Gary Cahill. Unfortunately, it wasn't a very good second half either. Play better, please.
  • The substitutions today were very surprising. I didn't expect to see Ramires at the break,and I really didn't expect Mohamed Salah instead of a striker.
  • I really dislike Jan Vertonghen.
  • One of the few bright spots today was Eden Hazard, who was absolutely fantastic today in the loss.
  • Thankfully, the holiday period is now over, and Chelsea's  fixture list will clear up a bit.

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