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Loic Remy joins up to train at Cobham for the first time, hits out at 'not very honest' Liverpool

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Mike Hewitt

With the French national team's commitments for this FIFA-mandated break done and dusted by Sunday afternoon, Chelsea new boy Loic Remy has gotten a head start on the rest of teammates who got called up for international duty and has already joined back up at Cobham.  Except for Remy it's not so much 'back' as it is 'for the first time.'

Welcome, welcome!  Hopefully Remy slots in quickly as depending on Diego Costa's hamstring situation, he may already be needed this coming weekend.

In related Remy news, the striker has hit out at "not very honest" Liverpool for the murkiness of his failed medical and subsequently collapsed transfer to Merseyside earlier this summer.

"I did not understand Liverpool's decision. It was not very honest from their side."

"I was not scared. I know exactly what I have, I met all the specialists in the world.  A lot of players share the same situation as mine and Liverpool know it."

-Loic Remy; source: The Sun via Express

The rumors had been that Remy failed the medical because of a heart condition and his words could be interpreted as confirming as much.  That sounds scary, but it also sounds like the condition is known and presumably accounted for.  Whether Liverpool reneged on the buy for valid medical or insurance reasons or for something else like, say, finding out that they may be able to secure Mario Balotelli on a cut-rate deal, their shenanigans left a sour taste in Remy's mouth.

Which sets it up perfectly for Remy to score the winner at Anfield on November 8th.