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The Daily Hilario: Getting there...

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Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

Mike Ehrmann


It's Tuesday, midnight Pacific; do you know where YOUR Premier League is?

(Not here yet...)


The big story from/of/about the NFL | SB Nation
It's not good.

On a lighter note, Spencer Hall follows the Oregon Duck around | SB Nation
It's quacktastic!

Premier League road trip, Part 1 | SB Nation
Wait, where could I sign up for this gig?  Jealous.

FOOTBALL (all times BST):
11.20:  International Friendly:  Japan vs. Venezuela
19.45:  Euro 2016 Qualifying:  Czech Republic vs. Netherlands
19.45:  Euro 2016 Qualifying:  Iceland vs. Turkey
19.45:  Euro 2016 Qualifying:  Croatia vs. Malta
19.45:  Euro 2016 Qualifying:  Norway vs. Italy
02.00 (next day):  International Friendly:  Brazil vs. Ecuador
03.00 (next day):  International Friendly:  Bolivia vs. Mexico