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Loïc Rémy sets his sights on Costa and Drogba

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Steve Bardens

Chelsea's newest signing is hardly lacking in self-confidence. Loïc Rémy has been in the press today talking about his summer -- in particular the failed move to Liverpool that collapsed for reasons unknown, but more interesting to Blues supporters is his entirely successful move to Stamford Bridge:

Being at Chelsea is the perfect response to my critics. I always try to make the best decisions for my career. I’ve come a long way from all my problems and that is not down to luck but hard work. My strength is that I know where I want to go and make the effort to get there.

When the chance comes up to join a club like Chelsea you can’t say no. The deal was done late in the evening. I was prepared to stay at QPR but I didn’t hesitate for a second when Chelsea came along. I know I won’t start out as first-choice striker at Chelsea, but nothing is set in stone. I have my aims. I didn’t sign for them in order to sit on the bench. I will try to improve as much as I can alongside their great players, and the rest will happen naturally.

Source: The People via Sky Sports.

The bolded bits are my emphasis, and they're the key parts. Rémy is realistic about the situation and understands his role in the team but if given the chance will do his utmost to usurp Diego Costa as Chelsea's number one striker. That's great -- if he can beat out Costa by outplaying him, that means we have two of the league's best forwards, which would be a very welcome switch. And if he can't, he just needs to work harder.

When you sign a backup you don't want to hear that they'll be happy on the bench. You want to them to know that they won't be immediate starters, but at the same time you want them to be looking beyond a mere bench role and fighting to establish themselves as contributing players. And that sounds exactly what Rémy is saying in the above quotes. Yay!