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Costa's hamstring injury 'not serious', says teammate

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Laurence Griffiths

As we all found out yesterday, Diego Costa pulled out of the Spain squad with a hamstring injury, the same one (presumably), that kept him 'in doubt' for the match against Everton in which he scored a brace. That's obviously bad -- while Costa would probably try to play football if you surgically removed both legs and replaced them with slinkies, it's not a particularly clever idea to keep pushing yourself through injury, because you're at serious risk of seeing the body part in question explode.

Fortunately, our fears have been eased by the unlikely figure of David Silva:

I saw Costa was doing well and I talked to him. The injury is nothing serious.

Source: Mail.

Now, I'd completely understand if Costa's hamstring injury had been used to get him off Spain duty for the whole international break. Being able to skive off and heal minor injuries might be the point of international breaks: Eden Hazard did it and will be all the better for having done so. But Costa didn't take the whole fortnight off -- he played a friendly and then bugged out, and that makes me suspect that something slightly odd is going on here.

You'd have to imagine that he plays against Swansea City next weekend either way, but please keep your hamstrings intact, Diego.