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The Daily Hilario: Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge

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Suhaimi Abdullah


Off to do this silly thing today.  Should be fun times.


With the top two tiers on break, today is non-league day in England | SB Nation
Here's Andi Thomas to clue you in.

Sturridge picks up a thigh injury with England | SB Nation
I'm sure it was just as important for him to play a frivolous friendly for England as it was for Diego Costa to play a frivolous friendly for Spain.  Sigh.

Sacramento's MLS bid gets some financial muscle | SB Nation
All the momentum's with Sacto right now.

In a shocking turn of events, FIFA found corruption in '18 & '22 World Cup bids | SB Nation
In future shocking news, I'm sure nothing substantial will actually come of it.  As you were, then.

In actual shocking news, this kid's apparently good at chess | io9
Damn whipper-snappers.

Newly discovered dinosaur is supermassive | io9
I shall call him, Mini Me Dreadnaught.

FOOTBALL (all times BST):
12.15:  League Two:  Luton Town vs. Plymouth Argyle
16.45:  ACN Qualification:  Nigeria vs. Congo
17.00:  ACN Qualification:  Burkina Faso vs. Lesotho
17.00:  ACN Qualification:  Ghana vs. Uganda
18.00:  ACN Qualification:  Cote d'Ivoire vs. Sierra Leone
03.30 (next day):  USL Pro:  Sacramento Republic FC vs. LA Galaxy II