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Courtois plans to sign new deal after international break

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Laurence Griffiths

Chelsea have put an awful lot of work into getting Thibaut Courtois to sign a new deal, and that he hasn't signed one yet is getting mildly annoying. He's still on the same deal he penned when he signed from Genk in 2011 (to a chorus of 'who is this dude?'s, I might add), and that means he's got less than two years left of team control before he becomes what would be the most coveted goalkeeper free agent in the history of football.

Which, from Chelsea's perspective, would be A Bad Thing. The team is trying to offer him a new contract on vastly improved wages and have been for some time, but Courtois, who knows he's the prettiest darn girl in this whole wide room*, is doing his best to ensure he turns the ridiculous amount of leverage he has into the most favourable possible terms.

But fortunately this little dance should be over soon:

It’s not yet signed. I am here with the national team so it is difficult, but when I am back at Chelsea I will probably sign the new contract.

Source: Sky Sports.

I say 'should' instead of will because a) Courtois himself qualifies it with a 'probably' and b) we had the 'you'll know my future by the end of March' routine already, back when the big Belgian was helping Atlético Madrid to the La Liga crown, and we know exactly what came of us.

But it's reason to be optimistic. And with the season going rather well so far, optimism might not be too bad a shout.

*you're so tallllll. Like a treeeeee. Or a very tall bookcase.