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The Daily Hilario: France vs. Spain, others

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Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans. Internationals continued.

Matthias Hangst


Vox Media properties were down for about an hour earlier, threatening The Daily Hilario's streak of on-time, midnight PST publishes stretching back many moons.  Fortunately, somebody found some varnish and after applying the requisite amount of elbow grease, we seem to be back in businees.  Huzzah!


Breaking Madden, Season 2 | SB Nation
It's back!  Just in time for tonight's NFL season opener.

Khedira out for "up to" two months | SB Nation
Granted, Drogba was supposed to be out for six, but Real may be screwed for real here.

James Milner sums up England vs. Norway | SB Nation

It's time to buli with the BuLi, legally! | Bundesliga Fanatic
("Buli" means "party" in Hungarian.)  Streaming service KlowdTV (oy, that spelling...) has signed a licensing agreement with GolTV (subscriber count: 3) to stream the channel for the bargain price of $5/month.  BOOYAH.  So it's not like NBC, which broadcasts all Prem games, but at least you get the ones that are shown on GolTV.  Better than nothing.

FOOTBALL (all times BST):
17.20:  International Friendly:  Slovakia vs. Malta
19.00:  International Friendly:  Croatia vs. Cyprus
19.45:  International Friendly:  Belgium vs. Australia
19.45:  International Friendly:  Italy vs. Netherlands
20.00:  International Friendly:  France vs. Spain