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Hodgson allays Gary Cahill injury concerns

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Jamie McDonald

Staunch, eagle-eyed viewers who somehow managed to not perish from boredom and were still alive and awake in the 85th minute of Wednesday's international friendly between England and Norway may have noticed Chelsea center back Gary Cahill failing to complete the full 90 minutes.

Withdrawn just five minutes from full time (by which point he was wearing the captain's arm band that was cast off by Rooney), Cahill was spotted soon after wearing an icepack as presumably more than just some sort of futuristic fashion statement, leading to concerns about a potential injury he may have picked up.  As a first team regular at Chelsea, this would indeed be quite concerning.

Fortunately, here's England manager Roy Hodgson with the good news:

"He [Cahill] came with knock on the ankle as you know from the Everton-Chelsea game. I think he picked it up during the course of the week."

"He trained yesterday and could have completed the game today but we thought it was prudent to take him off with 10-15 minutes left but there should be no doubt about him being available [for Switzerland]."

-Roy Hodgson; source: IB Times

Umm... if Cahill was and is having any sort of injury issues, what's he doing with England again?  Also, if I may be so bold to point out the obvious, but in regulation football, there are only five minutes plus a few extra left after the 85th minute.  Certainly not "10-15."  Got things well under control then, Roy.  Carry on.