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Report: Nathaniel Chalobah taken to hospital with apparent throat injury

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Charlie Crowhurst

Just a couple days after making his Premier League debut, Chelsea loanee and budding 19-year-old midfield general Nathaniel Chalobah was called upon (unclear whose idea that truly was) to help Burnley's under-21 side progress in the U21 Premier League Cup.  Unfortunately, the Clarets conceded within the first 10 seconds and then again soon after and Hull City hung on to a 2-0 win.  Adding injury to insult, Chalobah was forced off with what looked like a knock at the time but was then taken to hospital after the game.

Burnley Express reporter Chis Boden's Twitter stream is the best source that I can find for trying to figure out what may have happened.

We had hoped to find out some more information on this, but it doesn't look like there will be any more news forthcoming tonight.  Hopefully everything was done just as a precaution, which would be more than understandable (if not expected) if any injury or knock affected the head/neck/throat area.