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The Daily Hilario: World Cup final rematch; England at Wembley

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Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans. Now with meaningless international friendlies.

Jamie McDonald


Everyone's favorite time of the year is here, the early-September two-week international break!  Thank you, based FIFA and UEFA!  We're so grateful.  We're not worthy.  We bow down to you, oh generous overlords, and your limitless wisdom.


Wes Walker - Walter White; it's all in the Ws | SB Nation
Yes, technically not the same drug or even remotely similar circumstances but whatever.  Also, this tweet is just the best:

Guiseppe Rossi injured again, will need surgery again | Viola Nation

The Ten Worst Track Day Idiots | Jalopnik
As a once proud owner of a left-hand drive version of the car being driven in #5, these guys bring a bad name to us all.

This game, Velocity 2X, looks amazing | Polygon
Bit fed up, bored with Hearthstone lately.  Not motivated enough to get back into FM at the moment.  Been dabbling with Diablo 3 again (patch 2.1 is cool).  And that silly PAD game keeps me going on mobile.  But this, this Velocity 2X almost makes me want to buy a PS Vita.

FOOTBALL (all times BST):
19.15:  International Friendly:  Czech Republic vs. USA
19.45:  International Friendly:  Germany vs. Argentina
20.00:  International Friendly:  England vs. Norway