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Eden Hazard wants to win the Champions League, obviously

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Mike Hewitt

Here's a bit of fluff for ya to start your week off right.

And who doesn't like fluff?  It's, by definition, fluffy.  And soft.  And weightless.  And feels oh so good.  You just want to sink into it and let it caress you and envelop you and make you forget about all your cares and worries and whisper sweet nothings into your ear becau... uh, where were we again?  Oh right, fluffity fluffity fluff.

"My ambition in the Champions League is pretty much the same as it has been since I've been at Chelsea.  Personally and collectively it is to go as far as we can, which is to win it.  With the team we have I think that it's possible. I don't know if we are the favourite - there is also Real Madrid who are the holders, Bayern Munich are very strong again this year, there are some other great teams - so let's see how it goes."

"We have to qualify from the group stage first. That's the most important thing right now. But of course the dream is to win it. Every year when we play in the Champions League, we play to have the chance to win it. There is a lot of quality in our group and we are all hoping we can go to the end."

"When I was playing for Lille the dream was to go to the first knockout round! But at Chelsea we play to win it and that is a dream of every young player who starts playing football - to hold the trophy. It's one of the best."

-Eden Hazard; source: Chelsea FC

Calling Captain Obvious!  Captain Obvious to the mic please.

Also, DO IT!