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Mourinho: "No drama" over Hazard performance

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Clive Rose

Eden Hazard was a little bit off during Chelsea's 3-0 win against Aston Villa. The Belgian, who's the runaway Premier League leader in terms of dribbles this season, failed to cruise past a single flailing defender at Stamford Bridge on Saturday, and although he was indeed involved in the second goal and nearly set up another, he obviously wasn't at his best.

Jose Mourinho was, naturally, asked about it:

I don't know what he needs. I know he needs to play more than he did (against Villa). He started the season well. Eden played good matches with us. I think it's more an isolated not good performance than a period. No dramas and (I am) not too much worried about it, but (Saturday) was not his day, was not his performance.

Source: Sky Sports.

Now, if you think there is drama and we should be worried about his 'form', I'd invite you to read that quote again, because Mourinho has Hazard's contributions so far this season nailed down. He's been a vital part of the Chelsea attack all year before having a quiet game, possible due to the way Villa's defence was structured (and it's perhaps worth noting that Cesc Fabregas didn't do much creating either).

Prior to the weekend,  nobody -- not even Diego Costa -- had been more involved with Chelsea's Premier League/Champions League goals from open play than Hazard, even if he wasn't showing up on the scoresheet with assists and goals. Ignoring the Bolton match, Hazard has had one of the final three Chelsea touches in six out of our last nine goals, with four secondary assists* and two normal ones. Should the Villa form continue, worry. Otherwise, we're in good shape

*I.e. the assist for the assist.