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Sporting Lisbon vs. Chelsea: You choose the squad

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Christopher Lee

Chelsea resumes their campaign to lift the Champions League trophy for a second time on Tuesday, and they'll be doing so in Portugal. The club are set to take on Sporting Lisbon, with all four clubs in the group currently sitting on one point apiece.

After dropping two points in the opener against Schalke, Chelsea will certainly look to start taking control of this group by taking all three points against a very beatable side. I'd anticipate a very strong lineup from Jose Mourinho and his staff, though whether or not they choose to use Diego Costa again on short rest remains to be seen, and it does appear that Ramires will still be unavailable due to injury.

We're not asking what you think Mourinho will do, however, we're asking what you would do if put in charge of the club. Take into account the Arsenal match coming up this weekend and the current standings in our group, and fill out the form with the lineups you'd select. The results can be found by clicking this link.