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Willian: "I need to score more goals"

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Jamie McDonald

Willian scored perhaps the funniest goal non-Gerrarded goal of last season, and on Saturday he found his way onto the scoresheet for the first time during this campaign. Sure, it was a tap-in after Diego Costa did all the work, but they all count the same, and he did get the assist on Oscar's winner as well.

Having broken his duck, he obviously wants more:

I scored and now I have more confidence to play and I need to score more goals. I am happy to score and to give an assist but the most important for me is that the team win, and the team played very well. We played confidently and we had the possession.

We’ve started very well this season and we have to go in the same way because there are difficult games coming, and we have to be ready for the rest of the season.


Now, I'd like to see more out of Willian too, but it's not necessarily scoring. He's one of the Premier League's better two-way midfielders, defending like a maniac while making smart, accurate passes allllll the way up until the decisive moment of the attack, at which point he fluffs his lines and everything blows up. Willian needs not just to score more goals but to make the right decision and execute it properly whenever there's a chance for Chelsea to score.

Willian's next big step must be to improve his final ball. He has the talent to do it -- he's a neat, tidy passer in the central third of the pitch -- but he's making too many mistakes on the attack. If he improves there, he'll become a monster.