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Mourinho: Unfit Costa 'resting' rather than training

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Jamie McDonald

Diego Costa has eight goals in six matches (he hit the post in the only game in which he's failed to score, too). He's having a brilliant, brilliant start to his Chelsea career ... but if Jose Mourinho is to be believe he can only really get better. Check out the manager's comments from the post-game today:

We already know that Costa can't play three matches a week (which probably contributed to our limpish display against Schalke in our Champions League opener, and may hurt us in Lisbon on Tuesday), but the fact that he's barely even training and is still happily ripping apart whoever we play against is amazing. Imagine him at his best!

Hopefully Mourinho gets his way and Costa doesn't get called up to the Spain team for the next international break. I hear AC Milan have a great Spanish striker who'd be happy to take his place.