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Chelsea vs. Aston Villa: Second half thread

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Clive Rose

Chelsea are mostly dominating and leading, all without Eden Hazard having registered a meaningful touch, really.  That's either a sign of good things to come, or another bad omen after two straight games of giving up 1-0 leads.

Our goal came from one of the few times we didn't have to face 10 Villa men behind the ball, Ivanovic releasing Willian in behind the defense down the right flank.  Willian drove towards goal and produced a decent shot that Guzan parried right back to him on the touchline.  And that's when the magic happened: the cutback found Oscar who made no mistake with a simple finish.  Two games, two goals for Chelsea's #8 now.

So, things are going ok.  Would really be nice to get that second goal early and put this tie to bed.