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Chelsea 3-0 Aston Villa: Initial reaction and community ratings

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Clive Rose

Aston Villa have caused some sides problems so far this season, including a surprise win at Anfield. So despite them getting mauled by Arsenal last weekend, nobody was expecting them to be pushovers at Stamford Bridge. But pushovers they were, letting Chelsea race out to an early lead through Oscar and then never threatening to come back. That allowed Diego Costa to kill the game in the second half and gave us an easy, easy victory.

Bullet time!

  • Oscar is a streaky player, or has been so far with Chelsea. But when he's on, he's unstoppable. We've had a number of players rotate through carrying our attack so far this season, which has been pretty great to see -- whenever a player goes off the boil someone steps up to take their place.

    If we ever get everyone firing on all cylinders at once, hahahahaha.
  • Diego Costa is too good for the Premier League. We need to brace ourselves for him to get Space Jammed or something.
  • Villa's defence isn't very good, but as a unit they were excellent. They knew their limitations and didn't allow themselves to get baited too often in the first half. We couldn't create much in the first half and were lucky to get the goal that we did. Once Costa killed the game, however, all was well.
  • But Villa's attack was completely subsumed by their defensive structure. Everyone was back bar Gabriel Agbonlahor, and his attempts to run at the back line were mostly comical.
  • I don't know if anyone's noticed but Fabian Delph's actually quite good.
  • Premier League table's looking pretty good right now. Six games in and our only blip was failing to beat the defending champions away from home.