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Oscar vs. Bolton Wanderers, analysed

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I work with a lot of knowledgeable football people who don't follow Chelsea as closely as I do, which I suppose is to be expected when I'm the resident Chelsea supporter. But while everyone's gushing about the way Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa have started the season, they haven't been so keen on the likes of Eden Hazard and Oscar, which I find a little bit weird. Both have been excellent, and while I suspect Hazard -- who's had one of the last three touches in five straight Chelsea PL/CL goals doesn't need defending, Oscar might.

Fortunately our man Pat Nevin is up to the task.

It takes a rare talent to be so brilliant that you don't even notice how much he's doing unless you slow down and analyse game play by play. Sure, it was just Bolton Wanderers, and you'd expect a Chelsea playmaker to dominate against them, but that doesn't change the technical difficulty of the stuff he attempted on Wednesday night. Oscar is great, and we're lucky to have him.