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Terry keeping up in training despite age -- Mourinho

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Shaun Botterill

Were you worried about John Terry's health recently? Well I wasn't really either, but since Matt Lewis and Get West London were, we might as well pass on their findings. Is Terry, now 33, capable of keeping with his younger teammates? Or does he have to take training a little easier thanks to his age and previous injury problems?

No, he follows our methodology, the way we work. We work a lot on intensities. Small periods of high intensity work, that's basically the base of our work. High intensities, small periods of time, complete periods of rest. John has answered that very well, last season and also this season.

Source: GetWestLondon.

Since I am a horrible cynic, my first reaction to this quote was that if Terry's 100 percent fit, that's probably a bid thing since it rules out a possible explanation for his indifferent form this season. The captain -- who in his defence has been repeatedly hung out to dry by a midfield that's focusing more on attack than defence -- has been vulnerable all season, and he even got bullied in the air at Turf Moor on opening day. John Terry losing aerial duels is weird and scary and hoping he was unfit and would get better was a happier thought that just imagining that this is how it is now.

But at least he's feeling great! That counts for something, right?