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Today in 'the media is kind of ridiculous' ...

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Ian Walton

Jose Mourinho's press conference conference today was, at best uneventful. Ramires is injured, nobody else is, there's no grudge match against Aston Villa from last season (where the loss at Villa Park played a key role in the derailing of Chelsea's title challenge), there was no serious response to Manuel Pellegrini's quotes or the possibility of Frank Lampard making another appearance at Stamford Bridge as a member of the opposition. It was all very low key.

But, in the interests of keeping up with the rest of the media, here's what the manager had to say in response to Pellegrini's 'small team' jibe:

I don’t have a reaction. I think you (the media) should, not me. It was not once or two or three times that he said he doesn’t speak about referees (then) he killed Mark Clattenburg (after City's draw at Arsenal). It was not one, two, three or four times that he said he does not talk about me or my team’s opponents (then) he did it once more.

So I think it is for you to comment. When I say I don’t want to speak about him that’s what I try to do. If you want the story you have to speak to him and not me. I follow my line I don’t want to discuss any situation in relation to that.

-Source: Sky/Mail.

This is, at most, a mild rebuke. It's not funny or interesting enough to share here. But what is funny is the two headlines from the outlets mentioned. Observe.

Sky: Jose Mourinho refusing to enter a war of words with Manuel Pellegrini

Mail: Jose Mourinho re-opens war of words with Manuel Pellegrini and claims Manchester City manager of 'killed' Mark Clattenburg

I don't know what 'of 'killed'' might mean, but hey, I'm not in a position to criticise people over typos. What I find interesting here is that we have a window into the mechanics of the football media, which is essentially that a story must be spun no matter how insipid the source. Here both Sky and the Mail took Jose Mourinho's quotes and went galloping off their separate ways. It almost doesn't matter what was said -- just where the hacks can take it.