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Mourinho: Ramires out through international break

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Laurence Griffiths

Ramires won't be available for Saturday's match against Aston Villa. He also won't be available to return to Lisbon for our trip to Sporting CP in midweek, nor will be be around for the match against Arsenal next weekend.

That's not so great, especially for the last match. Chelsea have used Ramires in the midfield for both of the two toughest matches of the season, and for all of Arsenal's flaws you'd want the team to have strength through the middle against them rather than relying on the Cesc Fabregas-Nemanja Matic pivot. For the next three games (which take place over an eight-day span) Jose Mourinho has three central midfielders available for his squad.

Expect Matic to end up quite tired, I suppose?