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Oscar returns to the Chelsea starting lineup with a Man of the Match performance against Bolton

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Richard Heathcote

1. OSCAR - AMC 7.9
Minutes played90
It was just Oscar's second start in the last five, but with Chelsea back in the familiar 4-2-3-1 centered around the modern two-way No.10, the 23-year-old had himself a grand old time against the Championship-calibre (if that) defense.  There were flicks and tricks and backheels and general fun not seen since the days of Roberto Di Matteo.

The opening goal came from his corner and the winning goal, a low skimmer from 30 yards that curled just enough to leave the goalkeeper with absolutely no chance, was the icing on the cake.  And he could've had a couple more as well, with a free kick flying just over the bar and a point-blank header finding the Bolton goalkeeper's gloves instead of the back of the net.

2. NATHAN AKÉ - MC 7.7
Minutes played89
Aké was making his first start for the first team since the last day of 2012/13 season.  His first start ever under Jose Mourinho surely caught the manager's eye, though it was Steve Holland who passed the verdict on the 19-year-old: "Ake was almost pass-perfect. I don't recall him making a mistake all evening."

It would seem that we agree.  (And how about that left-footed bomb, eh?  More David Luiz to the boy than just the hair!)

3. KURT ZOUMA - DC 7.7
Minutes played90
While it's nice that two 19-year-olds got the start in this one, it's even nicer that they both had very good performances.  Sure, Bolton hardly offered a coherent threat, especially for the first 85 minutes of the game, but some credit for that should also go to our midfield and our defense.  May both Aké and Zouma long garner such credits for us.

Čech (6.8), Filipe Luis (7.6), Cahill (7.0), Azpilicueta (7.0), Mikel (7.0), Schürrle (6.9), Salah (6.6), Rémy (6.1)

Drogba (5.9), Hazard (6.1), Matić (6.1)


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