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Filipe Luis: "the collective is above the individual"

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Mike Hewitt

Filipe Luis was enormously impressive last year at Atlético Madrid, and while he's not yet made the starting left back role at Chelsea his own, he's still more than happy with the decision to move to Stamford Bridge in the summer. And yes, it is kind of difficult to imagine an unhappy Filipe Luis right now:

It’s brilliant to be at this club, it’s a great feeling. Every time I play and train, I feel I’m at a big club. Everyone wants to play. If you don’t, normally you’re not happy. But when I came here, I spoke with Mourinho and I knew I’d come to Chelsea to be a champion, not to be the best left-back or best crosser or something.

When you work with Mourinho, you have to know that the group, the collective is above the individual. I don’t think about myself right now. The team are doing a great job. We won the first four League games and drew the fifth one. I have nothing to complain about. I have to wait for my chance and when it comes I must make sure I don’t go out of the first 11.

Source: Standard.

Personally I think Luis has played well enough against Schalke and Bolton that he might be worth a look in some of the Premier League home matches coming up. Not that Cesar Azpilicueta and Branislav Ivanovic haven't been good enough, but our new favourite Brazilian defender has done pretty much everything we could have asked of him so far, and even if he says he's fine biding his time, the performances mean that he's probably knocking on the door of a spot in the starting XI.

It's probably not a coincidence that all of our summer signings are talking about how great Jose Mourinho is, either. I wonder if they're recruited with a sense of collective spirit in mind?