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Chelsea to face Shrewsbury Town just 48 hours after Old Trafford trip

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Michael Steele

I'm sure this is the Earth-shattering news you've been waiting for all day, if not all your life.  You're welcome.

Why Tuesday? We can thank Sky Sports.  BOW DOWN TO THE TV BOX!

Seriously, hashtag-TVgame?  Who does that?!

Anyway, on the plus side, this means that we'll have a far easier time of being able to actually watch this match live, unlike the third round tie against Bolton Wanderers.  On the flip side, it now comes just 48 hours after our trip away to Old Trafford, since Sky saw fit to choose Manchester City's game for Wednesday instead.  Both City and Chelsea have Champions League commitments on Tuesday the week prior (Oct. 21), but while City's subsequent Premier League match remains on Saturday (Oct. 25), ours had been pushed back by Sky Sports to Sunday (Oct. 26), presumably because it's a marquee Super Sunday-ish clash.  You would think Sky at this point would throw us a bone and move our game to Wednesday (72 hours rest) and keep City on Tuesday (72 hours rest), but alas, we get to bite the bullet instead and go at it on just 48 hours rest while City get double that.

The following weekend, we are set to play on Saturday (home against QPR) while City have a Sunday clash against United on the agenda.  Scheduling our 4th round tie for Wednesday would've left us in the exact same situation as we're facing this week (Sunday-Wednesday-Saturday), which isn't ideal, but is still better than Sunday-Tuesday-Saturday.

Thanks bunches, Sky Sports!

It's a good thing Shrewsbury Town are in League Two and thus we can rotate the squad, and perhaps bring in some youngsters even.  Though I'm sure we'll hear some moaning about fixture congestion from Jose & Co before it's all said and done, because, Lampardly, this is a tad bit ridiculous.