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Chelsea vs. Aston Villa: You choose the squad

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Ian Walton

Chelsea sit atop the Premier League table at the moment, something that's unlikely to change regardless of the results from this weekend's matches. A win would keep the Blues comfortably out in front though, and even with our recent struggles against Aston Villa, Jose Mourinho's men will probably be expecting to win at home.

Having rested both Ramires and Diego Costa this Wednesday, Mourinho should have everyone available for selection on Saturday. I'd expect our strongest possible lineup as we look to keep setting the pace domestically, even with a Tuesday fixture to be played in Portugal.

We're not asking what you all expect Jose Mourinho to do though, we're asking you to tell us what you'd do if placed in charge. Please fill out the attached form letting us know who you'd select for both the starting lineup and the bench, and feel free to discuss your reasoning in the comments. The results of this exercise can be found by clicking this link.