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Chelsea 2-1 Bolton Wanderers, Capital One Cup: Initial reaction & community player ratings form

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Richard Heathcote

Bolton's gameplan consisted mostly of NOT IN THE FACE, and for a long while, Chelsea obliged quite ably by taking approximately six billion shots and failing to convert any of them.  Andre Schurrle himself had enough shots to wear out several pairs of boots.  Eventually, Oscar broke the half-time 1-1 deadlock with a classic Chelsea #8 goal and the Blues saw out the game easily to progress into the 4th round.

A few initial thoughts:

  • Kurt Zouma scores on his debut, the third Chelsea player to do so already this season after Costa and Remy.  Outside of some set pieces clownshoes, the defense looked solid enough, especially in the first half.
  • Nathan Ake was solid in defensive midfield, though Bolton hardly threatened.  Midfield is Ake's best position, but his versatility remains his greatest asset at the moment.
  • Filipe Luis's left foot is very good and his crossing was exceptional.  In my recollection, he was the first left back since Graeme Le Saux to take a corner for us.
  • Nice to see Oscar open his account after several weak and missed shots so far this season.
  • Petr Cech and his familiar rugby cap didn't have much to do, but he was cheered for most of his actions.  He made a comfortable save in the 85th minute to preserve the lead.
  • Not a fan of putting Hazard on for the last 11 minutes.  The risk of injury would always outweigh the benefit of a third goal for me.
  • 30 shots for Chelsea (12 for Schurrle).  4 for Bolton.  Yet another example of why it's important to kill teams off.  Oh that finishing...