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Chelsea vs. Bolton Wanderers, Capital One Cup: Second half thread

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Srdjan Stevanovic

If you're one of the lucky ones to have eyes on this game, perhaps you can fill us all in on how we've looked.

On radio, we've dominated the play, we've dominated the shots (hello Andre Schurrle), yet it's 1-1.  Football, eh?  Bolton have had one chance, and converted the set piece header.  That's the trouble with set pieces, I suppose.

By the sounds of it, Filipe Luis has looked active, accurate, and awesome on the left flank while also taking our corners as a left back, which is not something we've seen lately at Stamford Bridge.  Loic Remy has not had the best of times up front by himself, and Mohamed Salah has had a few moments quality mixed in with a few moments of inaccuracy.  Nathan Ake and Mikel have been solid.

In any case, so far it's a tale of Chelsea getting roughly six billion chances and not converting any of them.  Bolton keeper Andy Lonergan has come up with a couple good saves and Schurrle has the post once as well.  We did manage to grab a goal from a corner (Kurt Happy Zouma getting it on his debut), but Bolton matched that with a set piece of their own.

Let's do better.  UP THE BLUES!