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Burnley manager explains Chalobah absence

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Christopher Lee

In theory, Nathaniel Chalobah is on a Premier League loan, a major step forward for the 19-year-old. In practice, he's not playing, which is the opposite. Here's Burnley manager Sean Dyche with a sort-of-explanation as to why:

We’re just bringing him up to speed with the way that we work physically. He’s getting used to the group. He’s a young man learning his trade – I mentioned that when he came in with Michael – so that’s all it is.

-Source: Lancashire Telegraph.

So, uh, that's informative. I guess? He's not ready physically, and until he's ready, there will be no playing time for the young midfielder. My suspicion is that this means Chalobah is not yet prepared to kick everyone within a four-mile radius of Turf Moor. Start the kicking, Nathaniel! Do whatever it takes!

On a more serious note, time's a wasting, and it's really unfortunate that Chelsea's preseason preparations haven't put Chalobah in a place to succeed with his new club yet. Hopefully the Blues are trying to figure out what, if anything, they could improve on for next time.