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Diego Costa nears full fitness, rest of league quivers in fear

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Shaun Botterill

Diego Costa didn't score against Manchester City, but he did hit the post and played a major part in Chelsea's solitary goal. Not bad for a guy playing on a baulky hamstring, right? And there's good news on that front too -- while Jose Mourinho has kept him from playing three games a week because of his condition, he's on the mend and could be back to full availability shortly. At least, according to him.

I am still carrying some hamstring discomfort, but every day I feel better. The truth is that over the past week I have worked fine. I suffered an injury with Spain and could not play against Macedonia (two weeks ago).

It was a shame but then during that week I was treated and could play [against Swansea).I'm working to get the best physical condition soon. The games we have now, almost every three days, will help me to get fit.

-Source: Independent.

The obvious caveat is that Diego Costa would consider himself fit to play if he got run over by a bus the day beforehand, so I'm not entirely sure that his self-prognosis is the most accurate piece of medical news in the world. But improvement is improvement, so that's good. Mostly I'm excited about having him available for 100 percent of our matches. We're a much, much better team with Costa on the pitch.