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Chelsea vs. Bolton: You choose the squad

Laurence Griffiths

Chelsea are coming off the back of a pair of disappointing draws, in which they held the lead but managed to concede against a side that they should have already put to bed. Up next, the club will be playing a contest where a draw isn't a potential result, as their opening League Cup match will go to 30 minutes of extra time and then penalties if needed.

Jose Mourinho has traditionally treated this competition with more respect than most managers in Chelsea's history, while other recent managers have used these games as a chance to field a glorified youth squad. In fairness, the years in which we handed out multiple debuts didn't tend to be years where we were either particularly deep or healthy, but given that fixtures are starting to pile up for this particular Chelsea group, I'd expect a lineup featuring mostly senior bench players on Wednesday.

We're not asking what Mourinho will do in this post though, we're asking what you would do if put in charge. Please take the time to fill out the attached form, the results of which can be found here.

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