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Here are all the post-match Frank Lampard interview videos

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Laurence Griffiths

Surreal is probably the best way to describe it.

Here's Chelsea's all-time leading scorer scoring against Chelsea for the first time ever in his career (this may also include own goals; I'm not sure).  Here's the man who claimed in the summer that he didn't want to play for any other English club after the parting of our ways, and so he signed with New York City FC only to be loaned to Manchester City for the first half of the season.  Here's the man who quieted the away fans serenading him.

Here's Frank Lampard speaking with Sky right after the game.

Here's Frank Lampard speaking with the BBC.

Here's Frank Lampard speaking with Chelsea TV.

Here's Frank Lampard speaking with City TV.

It must be a bit weird to give basically the same interview four times, especially on a day like that, but I suppose that's the life of a professional football player.  In this case, "professional" should be emphasized even more than usual.  Like Mourinho said:

"He did his job as a professional."


"Maybe again [Chelsea will be in his heart] when he leaves City, but while at City he wants to beat Chelsea. That is the nature of football."

-Jose Mourinho; source: BBC

Lampard of course was a bit less pragmatic than Jose, with the conflicting emotions coming through clearly both during and after the game.

"The reception I got when I came on was amazing, I can't speak highly enough of the fans."

"I came here to do a job and it was a special and weird day. It was a difficult day for me at the end because what do you do? You're caught in the middle."

"What was a win for me today? Maybe a draw and keeping the Premier League close and a reception from both sets of fans that I won't forget."

-Frank Lampard; source: BBC

211 goals to 1.  One day we'll look back and laugh.