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That most favorite time of post-game at the Etihad, it's tunnel cam time!

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Inevitably, I end up gushing about Manchester City's in-house television/video several times a season. While Chelsea have taken a few steps forward this season -- YouTube videos longer than 2 minutes and a little bit of free Chelsea TV content!? Heavens to betsy! -- they still trail quite a ways in terms of content and variety.

One of my favorite things on City TV is the tunnel cam, which they produce for every single home match. So, here's 10 minutes of behind the scenes goodness from our latest trip to the Etihad.

Watch for little golden nuggets like City's PR guy insisting that Joe Hart take off his backpack for the pre-match interview, like the hugs between Fernandinho and Oscar (and later Filipe Luis)... followed soon after by a bit of Zabaleta stink-eye, or like when Diego Costa goes to hang out with Sergio Aguero and what I'm assuming is one of Aguero's kids, and the warm embrace between Frank Lampard and Jose Mourinho. Aww. And that's just the pre-match!