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Fabregas on getting ignored by Wenger and getting respected by Mourinho

Fabregas: Jose Mourinho is a winner...he has my complete trust

Mike Hewitt

Jose Mourinho has spent a fair bit of time since the summer talking up Cesc Fàbregas, both in terms of the skills and qualities on offer from the ex-Arsenal man on the pitch and in more general terms about how surprised and happy he's been that we were afforded the chance to bring the creative midfielder to Chelsea.  Speaking to The Sun, Fàbregas has now responded in kind.

"I had options [after Arsenal failed to take up their option] and at that stage Chelsea were just one of the options I was considering. But after Jose Mourinho came to see me and talked to me face to face there were no other options any more."

"I decided to forget about all the other offers I had sitting on the side and it just felt great that Chelsea had come in for me.  I can still remember exactly what he said - every word. I'm not going to make them public, but it was very special.  It gave me a huge lift."

-Cesc Fàbregas; source: The Sun via ESPN

Did this one involve a shower, too, like the famous episode with Frank Lampard?  We can only speculate.

What we don't have to speculate about however is Fabregas's clear respect for Mourinho's methods, especially in contrast with Arsène Wenger's actions.  Or lack thereof, as the case may be.

"It was the kind of relationship I always would have liked to keep.  On his birthdays, for his 1,000th game, he always had a text message from me. But I don't expect anything from anyone in life, positive or negative."

"But I'm sure once everything dies down a bit in the future we will talk. There is no problem. I'll always be grateful to him whatever happens."

-Cesc Fabregas; source: The Sun via ESPN

Cesc's trying to put a positive spin on it, but I can feel the chill from that cold shoulder all the way over here.  Come on, man, Arsène!  How hard is it to send a text every once in a while to the player who helped you to all those fourth place finishes for so many years?

Fàbregas has a few words for Arsenal fans, too, especially for those who may be taking his Premier League return in a blue rather than a red shirt a bit dramatically, so be sure to give this a click if that sounds interesting to you.  Also, he claims he was doing a chest-thumb and not a badge-thump on Wednesday.  Tomato, tomato.

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