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Manchester City vs. Chelsea: You choose the squad

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Clive Mason

Steve's not around to do this one, so the weight of handling the you choose the squad post for the most difficult domestic match of the season falls on my incompetent shoulders. Hopefully I don't blow anything up (hopefully nobody blows anything up), but here goes.

Chelsea vs. Manchester City. Away. For quite some time, this hadn't gone well for us, and even before they got properly good I'm hard-pressed to remember a strong showing at the Etihad in recent years -- before, that is, until we turned up and wrecked their perfect record home last February. Not that that stopped them from claiming the title, of course. This season the aim is the same, except for the fact that the Blues are now ready to be serious title contenders from the off.

So put yourself in Jose Mourinho's shoes for a second and pick out your ideal starting lineup for this match. Everyone's fit and available, so you have an entire Chelsea universe to explore. And once you've picked out your team, talk formations and tactics in the comments. Responses may be found at the link.