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Everything you wanted to know about Filipe Luis (and so much more)

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Mike Hewitt

New left back Filipe Luis got his first competitive start against Schalke on Wednesday and came out of it looking very good indeed. Sure, we drew, but he made a positive contribution and played very well defensively, and I hope we see a lot more of him. In the meantime, Chelsea selected the left back for a Twitter Q&A, so let's get to know the 29-year-old a little bit better.

So, some selected questions and answers. And comments, because that's how we roll.

Q: "How do you prepare yourself on game day?"

Ok, ignoring the U2 bit because I really want to like this man, but what about shaving leads to cold showers? Have I been doing shaving wrong this whole time?

Q: "[What is your] favorite band?"


Q: "What would you want to be if you weren't a footballer?"

No wonder he tackles with such surgical precision, right? Ok, sorry, I'll do better.

Q: "Who's the funniest out of the whole squad?"

I like to imagine Diego Costa as a joke-telling goal-scoring robot who simulates hamstring problems out of an innate sense of fairness to the rest of the world.

Q: "Who helped you the most to help become the footballer you are today?"

I'm pretty sure this is the parenting equivalent of putting your life savings on 00 in roulette, but nice call, Daddy Filipe.

Maybe some real football questions next?

Q: "Do you think it's important to have an attacking aspect to your game as a full back?"

Defender thinks job includes not letting them concede, which I guess means that he's definitely better than Jose Bosingwa.

Q: "With the acquisition of Remy, who are the top 3 quickest players in the squad?"

I don't think I've ever realised how fast Willian is. I wonder if that says more about me or about Willian.

If these questions have whetted your appetite for more Filipe Luis, then go check out his timeline. I think he's done with the answering now, but there's always a chance at a giveaway ...