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Drogba: I'm like a diesel, I need time to warm up

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Didier Drogba was somewhat less than impressive against Schalke. The first half passed him by without the big Ivorian doing much in the way of anything, and although he came into the match in the second half, with some nice movement and the requisite defender-bullying, he still blew two huge chances to put the Blues 2-0 up. As he himself admits, that would have killed off the match -- instead the Germans pegged us back and took a point back to Gelsenkirchen.

Which was annoying, both for him and for us. But at least he has a decent sense of humour about it, and in the video above he does a decent job conveying his frustration with the result alongside the perspective that it's not a big deal in terms of the overall season.

It's quite hard to be angry at Drogba's performance, although I'm still confused as to why he was selected over Loïc Rémy (could this be sentimentality from Jose Mourinho?). But if you're still upset about it, take heart: it's difficult to imagine him getting too many more games with the other two strikers we have lurking around.