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Chelsea vs. Schalke 04, Champions League: Second half thread

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Mike Hewitt

Schalke may be winning the battle of noise between the two sets of fans, but it's Chelsea who have been superior on the pitch itself.  It took just 11 minutes to get on the scoreboard, Fabregas opening his Chelsea goalscoring account after collecting six assists already.  There was probably a foul in the build-up, but that's them breaks.  Home field advantage sometimes pays off like that.

Besides the goal, Chelsea haven't looked completely in sync and in top gear, and perhaps a bit more intensity is needed to settle this game for good in the second half.  That being said, Cesc Fabregas, Ramires, and Eden Hazard all had clear looks at goal but skied, scuffed, and had their shot blocked, respectively.  Meanwhile Schalke have been largely restricted to long-range hopers, which have either missed or were easy enough for Courtois.  The always exciting Julian Draxler did break through right at the end of the half (as everybody just backed down and backed down and backed down...), but rolled his shot wide.

Filipe Luis has looked lively on his full debut and has showcased his lovely left foot with a couple pinpoint crosses already.  It brings a slightly different balance to the squad to have two attacking full backs, that's for sure.

Drogba has looked alright, but his greatest contribution so far has been to get in Hazard's way.  Depending on the scoreline, we'll probably see Remy sooner rather than later.

Mourinho probably won't be all that happy in the dressing room, so let's look for a bit of improvement for the next 45.  COME ON CHELSEA!