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Chelsea vs. Schalke: You choose the squad

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Mike Hewitt

Chelsea kick off their latest Champions League campaign on Wednesday, when they host Schalke FC. The German side should theoretically be the toughest side they'll face during the group stage this season, but thus far, they've been an absolute disaster.

Jose Mourinho has a nearly full strength squad at his disposal for this one, though he'll be without Didier Drogba on Wednesday. He also has a somewhat important game to think about this weekend, with what should conceivably be our toughest Premier League fixture of the campaign in Manchester City away.

That said, I wouldn't anticipate too many youth playing in this one, as there are plenty of healthy senior players in need of minutes soon. It's also pretty vital to come away from this fixture with a positive result, as early points could lead to some stress-free fixtures as the group stage winds down.

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