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Mourinho confirms talks for new Hazard deal

Laurence Griffiths

There wasn't much reason to doubt the two-pronged story, released in both England and Belgium, that Chelsea and star winger Eden Hazard were on the verge of agreeing a new contract, but if you needed further confirmation, Jose Mourinho has seen fit to give it in his pre-Schalke press conference.

It's true that Chelsea Football Club is trying to have an agreement for a longer contract. He wants to stay for more years. We are feeling day by day his motivation to work hard and to improve. We have big hopes that he will go from top player to a higher level, as one of the best. Hazard can be one of the greats of his generation. Chelsea is the perfect environment for him to have that evolution.

Source: Kristoff Terreur.

My favourite part of that quote? The second sentence. For reasons that have never been particularly clear, it's long been assumed that Hazard would bolt the Blues for another super club at the earliest opportunity, and plenty of Chelsea supporters have treated him with something bordering on suspicion as a result. But here is an opportunity for him to force a move, and he's instead deciding to commit himself to more time at Stamford Bridge.

I'll definitely take five more years of Eden Hazard, thanks.

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