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Dom Solanke signs professional contract with Chelsea

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Sascha Steinbach

Dominic Solanke has announced today that he's signed a professional deal with Chelsea, via his Twitter account:

Solanke turned 17 just yesterday, so he hasn't been eligible to sign his first pro deal for very long. Nothing says happy birthday quite as nicely as three years of guaranteed money to do what you love, now does it? That said, after the Yaya Toure tantrum this past summer, I bet the club got him a cake just to be on the safe side.

Solanke will likely spend the entire 2014/15 season playing with the U21 side, but it wouldn't be too surprising to see him mentioned in loan rumors next summer. For now though, the player can simply be content that he'll have some spending money while he's working toward joining the first team in the future. Congratulations, Dom.