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Chalobah showing perfect attitude with Burnley loan

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Christopher Lee

There has been rather a lot of handwringing over the number of loanees Chelsea have dispatched around Europe this season, most of it soullessly manufactured by writers paid to place sensationalism over rigour. As far as the loan system goes, the only parties that really matter are the clubs and the players involved -- and Nathaniel Chalobah, at least, has been singing his praises.

The midfielder, on loan at Burnley, is aware that this is the only way he can get top-flight game time, which in turn is the only way he can hope to have a successful career at Chelsea.

It puts us both in a good position, me and the club, we’ve just got to see how things go. I’m a Chelsea player and I’m always going to have that belief I can play for Chelsea, that’s not going to change. At the end of the day, there are world class players there at the minute and I’m still really young.

I’m trying to learn as much as I can with all the loans I’ve had and take as much experience as I can out of it, so for me it is more about developing as a player and a person and I’ll always go back to Chelsea and compete for a place and if it doesn’t work out I’ll take the experience I’ve had on loan and from playing games to push my career forward.

Source: Sky Sports.

Chalobah had a rough 2013/14 season after impressing the year before at Watford, but a successful spell at Burnley (who need all the help they can get) would put him in strong position to challenge for a place in the first team when he returns to the club. Whether that's in January, when John Obi Mikel is expected to leave for the Africa Cup of Nations, or the end of the season is yet to be seen.