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Loic Remy happy with debut goal, impressed by the quality in the squad

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Do you even lift, bro?
Do you even lift, bro?
Paul Gilham

Loïc Rémy isn't the most complicated of individuals when it comes to his craft.  "I'm a striker, and a striker wants to score at any time, in any game," he says while flashing a shy little gap-toothed smile.

Further wisdom comes later in the interview, when Chelsea TV's Neil Barnett mentions the goal that Rémy scored against the Blues while on loan at Newcastle last season.  "Left foot, right foot," he shrugs, "the best, most important thing is that the ball is in the net."  See, kids, goalscoring isn't hard.

The man who became the 85th player in Chelsea history to score on his debut certainly has a penchant for understatement.  When asked about the buildup to his goal, a result of another scintillating run from Eden Hazard and eventually a smart pass from Oscar finding the striker open for the first-time finish, Rémy admitted that this Chelsea squad may yet win "some" games this season.  Just a few, yeah?

The build of the goal was good.  The fact is, we have enough quality in this team to win some games, even if the first half was difficult for us because Swansea played very well.  The second half was much better in terms of intensity and quality, and that's why I think we won.

There's no surprise; since I arrived, I can see that the group and the team spirit is very good.  There's no secret, if you work hard, you get success.  And that's what happened.

You can watch the whole interview embedded below.  Rémy sure seems like a lovely fellow.

Remy : Up and running HD by unCFCTV