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Chelsea 4-2 Swansea City: Initial reaction and community ratings form

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Jamie McDonald

For a minute there, things looked bleak and dire and nervy and were threatening to leave us highly disappointed on this fine, solar flare-filled Saturday morning/afternoon/evening.

But then Chelsea turned it up as the first half wore on and there was only one team in it by the time the second half kicked off.  And unlike on many occassions that we saw last year, Chelsea didn't fail to make their chances count.  Three from Diego Costa and one from debutant Loïc Rémy overcame Swansea's opener and in the end Chelsea ran out comfortable winners.

So that's 12 points from 12 to start the season and we're all alone at the top of the Premier League already.  May it long remain that way.

  • That's seven (SEVEN!) goals in four games for Diego Costa.  Those are FIFA/FM numbers.  And here we though the PlayStation controllers left the house with David Luiz.
  • That's six (SIX!) assists in four games for Cesc Fàbregas.  Those are FIFA/FM numbers.  It should be noted that both Fàbregas and the team as a whole looked much better in the 4-3-3 of the second half.  Matić (who had another subpar game) and Fàbregas were overrun in the first half, but with Ramires making that a trio, we looked excellent.
  • John Terry's own goal could've been entirely avoidable, both in terms of not giving up the midfield turnover and Terry not sticking a boot in needlessly.  Azpilicueta had it covered and we need more awareness than that from the Captain.  Or a shout from Dave; or both.
  • For the 15-20 minutes or so of the first half when Swansea were dominant and towards the end of the game, the defense was once again a shambles.  Swansea's second was especially bad and Mourinho was apoplectic on the sidelines.  Need to sort a few things out back there.  Gomis vs. Cahill was not an even matchup either, and not in the Chelsea man's favor.
  • Eden Hazard was wonderful; André Schürrle quite the opposite.