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John Terry: 'We need to get back to winning the title'

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Laurence Griffiths


"We need to get back to winning the title. It has been four years since we last did it but I believe we have the squad to do it. We are so driven."

"No player should stand there when seeing another team succeed and not feel hurt. We came so close in the League [...] when you play all those games and just lose out at the end, it's disappointing, it's heartbreaking. This is what you work all season for, it's what you live for. I want to win trophies, last year we didn't. We're not more determined because we always are but with the signings the owner made, we will go for it again."

-John Terry; source: Evening Standard

From the manager on down, everybody's singing the same tune.  This is our year, this is our time.

So say we all.

Incidentally, Terry's not concerned by the state of the defense that conceded three goals at Goodison last time out.

"For me it's nothing to get concerned about yet. If it (conceding too many goals) happens three or four weeks on the spin, then it is an issue and I'm sure the manager will take a look at it. There are no qualms or problems for me at all."

"I think more should be made of the fact we scored six goals at Everton and how well we played going forward."

-John Terry; source: Evening Standard

While I agree and hope that it is indeed just a blip -- then again, if we're looking for a reason to be concerned, the defense has yet to look all that solid so far -- it should be noted that in each of the last three seasons, Chelsea changed course and overall strategy in the middle of the season.  Only last season did we manage to do so without an associated change in manager as well.

Andre Villas-Boas stubbornly tried to institute a high-line, high-press, high-risk style that was routinely ripped apart due to lack of cover for individual errors.  Roberto Di Matteo changed it around for a deep defensive setup and found tremendous cup success with a style best-suited to our strengths.  The following season he tried to unleash the MaZaCar but while it was tremendous fun when it worked, he couldn't find a way to grind out consistent results and he paid for it with his job.  In the interim, we fell into further Cup semi-glory with a more rigid system centered around a more traditional #10 playmaker.  Last season, after conceding 12 goals over 6 Premier League games, including shipping three goals back-to-back to Sunderland and Stoke City, and getting eliminated from the League Cup, Mourinho ripped up the plan, boasted/promised that he could basically win every game 1-0 from that point on and very nearly did just that.  We conceded just 8 goals in the final 22 league games, half of which came in the three shock results that were the 1-0 defeats away to Villa and Palace, and the even shockier shock result of the 1-2 home loss to Sunderland.

Anyway, the point is that while Terry is unconcerned, you can bet your bottom dollar that Mourinho won't stand idly by should the tennis scores persist.