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Mourinho rubbishes Ronaldo rumour

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Jasper Juinen

Apparently Chelsea were linked to a SHOCK €60 MILLION MOVE for Cristiano Ronaldo earlier in this week, which is pretty impressive rumour-mongering, considering we're all of 10 days past the transfer deadline closing. But it's a sexy enough rumour for Jose Mourinho to get asked about it during his Friday press conference. Bet you can guess how he responded!

I think we have better things to do than go after horrendously expensive superstars with dodgy knees and an admittedly strained relationship with the current manager, no matter how talented. Ronaldo wouldn't make any sense for a Chelsea club that seems to have learned its lesson about overpaying for superstars ... so naturally you can bet that we're going to be linked with him again soon. That's just how transfer rumours work. Every season is the silliest season!