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Mourinho: Diego Costa 'has a chance to play' vs. Swansea

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Laurence Griffiths

Diego Costa having an injury that might keep him out of Chelsea's match on Saturday, but Jose Mourinho has confirmed in his press conference today that the striker has been working hard with the medical team since returning from Spain duty last week, and that a final training session today will determine if he can play a part against Swansea.

And if that paragraph sounds vaguely familiar, that's mostly because it's a more or less identical story to the one we were dealing with two weeks ago, when Costa was nursing a hamstring injury just ahead of the Everton match, in which he scored after 35 seconds and then added Chelsea's sixth as time ran down. If Diego Costa 'having a chance' to play means anything similar, we're in very good shape -- but jokes aside I'd really rather he get fit and stay fit. Niggling injuries are not a good thing.

As for the rest of the squad, they have a clean bill of health after the international break. Hurray!