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Official: Thibaut Courtois signs new five-year contract

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Laurence Griffiths

Much was made over the future of goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois this summer, as the young keeper was entiering the final two seasons of his original Chelsea contract. The player was supposedly hesitant to sign a new deal without first receiving assurances that he'd be playing regularly at Chelsea, something not entirely unreasonable given the way he played during his three seasons at Atletico Madrid.

Today, the player has sorted his future with the Blues, putting pen to paper on a new five-year deal.

With the extension, Petr Cech will now likely find himself moving on in a future window. The Chelsea legend has just under two seasons remaining on his deal, and given that Courtois now looks to be the number one both at present and going forward, I'd be surprised to see the club stand in his way if he'd like to move on.

Regardless, it's good to see some clarity now that one of the two has extended.