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Hello, my name is Andre Schurrle and I'm here to hypnotize you with my blue eyes

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Deutsche Welle sit down with World Champion André Schürrle.

Martin Rose

So I've tried to pick out the best parts of the video embedded below (direct link) -- in which André Schürrle talks love, life, liberty, and the pursuit of loveliness in London -- but all I got was:

London! Blue blue blueeee eyes so blue blue blue blue World Champion blue blue eyes blue love love love eyes blue love blue blue blue blue blue love love blue love blue blue blue LAWNDAWN blue Schürrle blue blue Schürrle Schürrle Schürrle Schürrle Schürrrrrrrrrrrrle blue blue life blue love love life blue love life love love Bruchweg Boys (inspired by Drogba!) blue blue love life blue love life live love life love Götze Reus bromance love love life blue blue blue eyes love love blue blue weapons eyes blue blue love blue Blueeee Shürrrrrrleeeeeeeeeeeeee

The End.

I NOW KNOW EXACTLY WHERE YOU LIVE, ANDRÉ!  Never mind those noises; they're just... uhh... rats.  That's it.  Yeah, rats!